Hey there! Searching for an Amsterdam photoshoot? Well, you've landed in the perfect spot. I'm Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer, ready to craft unforgettable memories. Whether it's a proposal, engagement, or vacation, I bring heaps of experience and loads of Amsterdam photo shoot inspiration. Let's capture those moments together! 📸✨

Planning a photoshoot in Amsterdam?

Look no further! With hundreds of sessions done in this beautiful city full of canals and bridges, we are your go-to guide for choosing the perfect locationfor your couple photo session, family trip or engagement proposal.

Our services cover everything: engagement photo sessions, honeymoon shoots, family vacation sessions, solo and couple portraits, elopement photography, and wedding photos. Let's make your Amsterdam memories picture-perfect!  

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1. Amsterdam Areas

Discover the charm of Amsterdam like never before with our tailored and custom routes! We specialize in curating unique walking routes that showcase the city's hidden gems, historical wonders, and picture-perfect spots. 

Whether you're a solo explorer, a couple seeking romance, or a family creating lasting memories, our personalized routes ensure an unforgettable experience. 

Immerse yourself in Amsterdam's rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, all expertly woven into a custom itinerary just for you.

Let me guide you through an Amsterdam adventure designed exclusively for your preferences. 

Explore, capture, and cherish moments that will last a lifetime.

Most booked: Jordaan

Personal Favorite: South canals

Off the beaten Track: Western islands

Do you want a Custom Route? Tell us on your booking what you love the most about Amsterdam, your location in the city and where do you need to finish due to a next appointment mention it as well. 

2. Time of the day

If you're planning to explore Amsterdam and want to capture those beautiful moments without the hassle of crowded areas, I've got a tip for you. I recommend booking your photographer in Amsterdam early in the morning. Why, you ask? Well, let me spill the beans!

Amsterdam is known for its stunning architecture, picturesque canals, and the famous blooms during tulip season. But hey, it's a bustling city, and sometimes it can get a bit crowded, especially during peak tourist hours. So, rise and shine, my friend! By booking a photographer early in the morning, you can beat the rush and have those iconic spots all to yourself.

Imagine strolling along the canals, the sun casting a gentle glow on the stunning buildings, and not a soul in sight. How amazing would that be? You can finally capture that perfect Instagram-worthy shot without any unwanted photobombs or interruptions.

Now, let's talk about the afternoon golden hour. It's the magical time when the sun starts to set, casting a warm and golden glow over everything it touches. It can truly transform Amsterdam into a breathtaking city. However, keep in mind that, as I mentioned earlier, Amsterdam can be quite busy sometimes. So, don't despair if you can't make it to the early morning session. The afternoon golden hour is still a great time to capture the beauty of the city, just be prepared for a bit more hustle and bustle.

Remember, whether you choose the early morning tranquility or the enchanting afternoon golden hour, Amsterdam is a city that never fails to inspire and captivate. So go ahead, book me as your photographer, and get ready to create some picture-perfect memories in the Venice of the North. 

3. How long? 

Lifestyle Route or Photo Session. While our Lifestyle routes start on 4.5hrs, the photo sessions can be as short as 30 minutes.

I find the best balance between exploring and enjoying a session in the 60 minute frame, and it is by far my favorite session. On 60 minutes we can walk to two areas nearby and have different looks in your pictures. 

A very important note:

Please, be early to your session. After 10 minutes from the booking time the session starts to run. We cannot guarantee we can extend the session, and if possible added time has a fee of €150 per each 30 minutes adding 10 images. 

Best time for the photo session in Amsterdam

Summer: 6am - 10am

Spring: 7am-10am

Autumn: 8am - 11am

Winter: 9am - 11am

The packages

The Explorer

We create a Custom Route in Amsterdam according to your wishes. Best for Branding Photography for your business or to combine a lifestyle route in Amsterdam with your photo session.


120 mins with Joanna as your photographer

Online questionnaire to custom tailor your route.

50 Final images delivered within 7 working days

Online Gallery with private access 



Just right!

The most booked. You choose the meeting point and the starting time. Limited to 5 persons for the best experience.


60 mins with Joanna as your photographer

35 Final images delivered within 7 working days

Online Gallery with private access 



Mini Experience

Best for solo travellers or couples with short time in Amsterdam.


30 mins with Joanna as your photographer

20 Final images delivered within 7 working days

Online Gallery with private access 



Lifestyle Routes - The best mix between a tour and a photo session

Explore Amsterdam with a local that is also a professional photographer. Learn about the streets you will be walking, hidden places, and the history of a city that can be considered open museum. You can decide the areas to visit, and we create a route the combines the best of Amsterdam with photo locations for creating beautiful memories of your trip.

This experience is conducted only with a private group, better for solo travellers, couples, or small families. 


4.5 hours with Joanna conducting a lifestyle route in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Guide on PDF to give you an introduction of Amsterdam.

Online questionnaire to custom tailor your route.

We will visit different touristic points in Amsterdam and you will learn how is it to live in Amsterdam. Pictures will be taken along the way.

50 Final images delivered within 7 working days

20 Final images of Amsterdam taken during your Lifestyle route

There is a pause of 30 minutes after 2 hours at a café for coffee or tea.

Online Gallery with private access 


€ 750 per private group up to 4 persons

Are you looking for a Full Day experience? Different cities?

Document The Real You in a Full Day with Joanna as your private photographer while you are on vacation.

My goal is to get to know you and your travel plans to be able to document your trip in the most honest way. I will also be taking pictures of the scenery. You don't need to take your phone for a selfie. Each selected photo is carefully edited and delivered in high resolution.

You will receive personal use printing rights and a full online gallery with all your important moments. This online gallery has unlimited downloads and it is open for two years. 

A fast delivery, 7 business days, as I am sure you can't wait to show friends and family the wonderful memories created on this trip.

Every city in The Netherlands is possible if reachable by public transport. Transport fee to islands, if needed, not included. 

This is also the option to take for a Day in a Life family experience.

Are we traveling together? Another city in Europe outside The Netherlands? More than four persons on your group? Let's talk!

Starting at € 1250 per day per group up to 4 persons. Price for The Netherlands, other countries please ask. Additionals to this option?: Yes, you can request a personalised photo album of your Full Day Experience, after booking, for an additional fee.

  • Booking is open 6 months in advance. All prices shown on this page include local taxes.

  • On the Lifestyle routes or Full Day Experiences I show you what I love the most about Amsterdam. These options are for a private groups only, limited to four persons, and conducted mostly on weekdays. Both options also include an update of events happening in Amsterdam during your visit, and an Amsterdam guide so you can plan ahead of time.

  • After sending your preferred time and date, Joanna will personally review your request, confirm availability, and recommend a starting time if needed. Put in your comments if you have any restrictions on the day.

  • After booking we will be sending a questionnaire, so we know a bit more about you, who is in the picture, and based on the information we create a route for you.

  • Pricing is valid until bookings made on August 31st, 2024. Every year we evaluate pricing and prices may rise starting on September 1st.

The extra options

Photography lesson in Amsterdam

Embark on a private three-hour photography lesson that's tailored just for you. Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast looking to refine your skills, I will guide you every step of the way.

This isn't just about learning settings on your camera. It's about unlocking your unique perspective and honing your creative vision. I will help you capture the essence of Amsterdam in your own signature style.

The charming streets of Amsterdam will be your canvas and classroom. From enchanting canals to bustling markets, you'll have ample opportunities to capture stunning images that tell your story of this remarkable city.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn and capture the beauty of Amsterdam through the lens. Book your private lesson today!

This option is best for solo travelers. But we can accommodate up to 2 people.


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Walk with me in Amsterdam

Explore Amsterdam on a casual walk with a professional photographer. This is not a historical tour. The focus is on life in Amsterdam, Dutch culture, and tips and facts from a foreigner's perspective that is proud to call Amsterdam home.

I know about the city's history, so you can ask, but I can't promise I know it all. You will gain to explore Amsterdam with someone who knows the essential sights you cannot miss optimizing your limited time in the city. Also, we will be stopping for snacks along the way, and I can recommend you where to go after.

This option is best for solo travelers or couples. No more than two persons for each walk.

This is not a photo walk or a photo session. This is a casual walk, no cameras involved, but I can take your pictures with your phone :).


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Add on: Reels

Behind the Scenes of your session captured on iPhone 14Pro. With this option, we also add a stop motion video that can be used in social media for personal use.

The time is added to the photo session time, but it can vary according to the duration of the photo session. The number of short video archives will depend on that as well.


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Hi! I'm Joanna, photographer living in Amsterdam for 4 years and passionate about Amsterdam history and museum life. I live in the West side of Amsterdam with my Dutch boyfriend and two cats: Gatito and Tiny. I love coffee, chocolates, take people around, show that Amsterdam is beyond the most common areas, and create custom routes for my clients. I love to amaze them with the beauty of Amsterdam. So let's hang out with my camera to take home the gift of beautiful memories.