Joanna Pantigoso

Hi, I'm Joanna, Peruvian, living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, since 2019. I fell in love with photography 14 years ago, and with it, I photographed weddings in several countries and hundreds of families and couples on vacation in Amsterdam, Lima and Cusco.even Now, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands since 2019 I am extremely happy to handcraft your memories in this beautiful city, but also help you create the full experience with advise in everything Amsterdam has to offer. As a photographer and your local partner, let's make the best of your trip to Amsterdam and The Netherlands.

About my style, I want to make images that speak to your heart, look beautiful and different, and will be understood without context in different cultures and languages. I firmly believe everything we do takes part of our visual knowledge. My vision comes from my roots in Peru. The Mexican light and Brazilian dynamics have influenced it. Now I can also see some of the great Dutch aesthetics mixing in my view with the days I live here. My photography is based on who I am. It has this unique mix of people who have enough experience living in two places and belong to both and neither simultaneously. Someone that looks quietly and waits for that emotion that will live through time.

Welcome to my world! And happy to connect with you. I share information on Instagram daily, which is my preferred platform. You can always DM me to say Hi. I would be delighted to receive a hi from you describing an exciting project to participate in. See you soon!