Katwijk, The Netherlands

Karina & Keith

Connecting with fellow Peruvians in The Netherlands is always exciting, and even better when invited as their wedding photographer. 

Along with Andrea, my light assistant, we went to Katwijk. This time we were not in charge to photograph the ceremony at the Gemeente, but the cutting of the cake, the coffee, and doing some portraits afterward.

Sharing some of the pictures of this fantastic wedding in which we went finding different locations according to the things they love, like the beach or the tulip fields. Luckily we were in the middle of the tulip season, and we went directly to a garden I find fantastic in Voorhut.

One main characteristic about this day, the light and the pictures are we photographed under harsh light with direct sun all day. I have told you I love to use harsh light in my pictures as it brings more colorful and contrasty results. I trust the effect was achieved.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, and see you soon,

Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer



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