Are we thinking on the story or on social media? - Tuesday Reflections

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Some pictures or cuts work better than others on some platforms. For example, I photograph everything thinking on a landscape because that is the way we see. But sometimes, my favorite ones are cut or not shared as they are not suitable for the platform (square or vertical). How many times are we thinking on the platform instead of what works on a Wedding Book? What is telling the story? There is so much more on a complete gallery than what we see on social media. 

Today I wanted to share this picture, one of my favorites of Shinta&Francisco wedding in Gemeente Amsterdam Zuid. In the end, I shared the one below, still a slightly different cut than the original.  So I started to wonder, are we shooting for Instagram, or are we shooting for the story? 


Left: The original picture. Right: The one that went into social media.

Random thoughts on a Tuesday morning. How are you doing today?⁠

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13 Jul 2021

Are we thinking on the story or on social media? - Tuesday Reflections

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