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Hi! This is me and now I'm in Amsterdam

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Hi! I just want to say Hello! and tell you great news. I'm now in Amsterdam!!!

For those who have followed me for some time now, you know that I'm a Peruvian, economist and professional photographer. I've been photographing travelers, couples, and families mostly in Lima and Cusco and some years ago I've met an amazing Dutch and now we are living together in the fairytale city of Amsterdam, his birth town. The big move was on October 28th, 2019, so if you are reading this in 2019 thanks and yes! I've just arrived :)

What am I going to do here?

Of course, what I love the most that is to photograph beautiful souls, their emotions and shared experiences and who knows what this land has also for me. Just keep track of my adventures here on my blog and Instagram. Now I have a dedicated Instagram account for my life in Amsterdam if you want to peek just follow me at @joa.pe. 

Maybe thinking about a new name for it soon, do you have any suggestions?

Photo: Studio 123 Photography

Something also new is that I started to do almost all in English, well, blog, web & portfolio. My stories are in Spanish still and I'll keep it that way for now.

And to not make this blog post too long, just a little note about my favorites places so far in Amsterdam for you to check if you decide to come here:

* Albert Cuyp Market. Great place to spend 1.5-2 hours, find the souvenirs you need and taste some amazing food. If you want to stay a little and look for a restaurant go to Bazar, they have Tunisie Soup (fish & seafood) that I loved!!! I'm sure I'm coming back again, so if you are around, let me know and we go together :)

* Rembrandtplein: Do you know there is a 3D recreation of "The Night Watch" of Rembrandt. So if you don't have enough time to go to Rijksmuseum to see the real one or not a museum type, come here.

* ErasmusPark: Yes, not a touristic area, but one of my favorites in Amsterdam and happens I live also near the area. You will have a direct view of the canal, without any bars for the perfect pictures with an enormous park as background. And in Summer it is also a beach. Yes, we can swim on some canals (not all of them!).

* Leidseplein: Bars, music, nightlife and some Latin music bar too. 

* Tuschinski Theater: Not a nightlife type? How about movies? Here there is an amazing building that will surprise you. I felt like in the '40s and it is a regular movie theater. All movies are in the original language so if you know English you'll be just fine.

Hope soon I can share more and more pictures and places with you.

Until next week :)

Joanna, your Amsterdam Photographer


28 Out 2019

Hi! This is me and now I'm in Amsterdam

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