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Productivity Tuesdays

[Productivity Tuesdays] - Checklist for your Online Meetings

You know me. I'm all about doing things well, but in the minimum time possible. This makes me be time effective and most of the time productive. Does this mean I do everything perfectly? Well, I certainly not. 

But I love to have practical things to help me don't forget the important tasks, as having an agenda while doing Live Sessions, or using checklists when going to meetings. 

This is a checklist for your online meetings that I found really easy to follow and I actually used for my Productivity Open Call last Monday. This will keep every detail in mind to start at the time and keep it productive and less time-consuming.

BTW, I'll be posting about Productivity every Tuesday. This is a subject I love to talk about and wanting so much to share with you. I host Open Calls with Productivity Tips every Thursday at 6 pm CET for 30 minutes, but in Spanish. You can always ask for a direct link, there is no need to be part of a particular group or to pay anything for it, the only requirement is to be present and in time as this is a no recorded meeting. 

I hope this helps you and see you next time.

Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer