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5 tips for Cherry Blossom pictures in Amsterdam

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What do you need to know about Cherry Blossom? We are all excited about this flower season, and today I wanted to share five things to know about taking pictures with Cherry Blossom 🌸.

1. Trees are high. Take a small step to get closer to the branches or be prepared for a picture from below. In photography, we call it The Superman effect, as the person or object will look more powerful. At the same time, legs will appear longer, making the person look taller. For this picture, we used a table available in the park.

2. Angles are essential, and with wide-angle lenses, you need to be careful with the edges. Leave a space with grass or flowers only.

3. Frame your subject. If you find yourself in a crowded place, use flowers or branches to cover them. It is always better to wait than to correct on an app afterward.

4. Cherry Trees bloom two weeks a year. This short period gives opportunities, but don't wait last minute. The blooming in Amsterdam in 2021 started around March 24th, and it might last until April 7th, but who knows, we don't control the blooming or the weather. I took Omar's pictures on March 26th at Westerpark and Olga on March 29th at Bloesempark in Amsterdamse Bos to understand the result with different lighting and places. You can find cherry blossom trees all around the city.

5. I encourage you to try backlight, which means the sun is behind the flowers, and the light is coming through the branches. Especially with trees, it makes a beautiful result in your pictures. By the way, I made these with the phone.

Additional tip: If you have the sun behind you, try to hide it behind a branch, this helps to have some of the light coming through it.

Shoutout to Omar, a documentary photographer from Senegal, recently launched an initiative to publish his first photography book. I hope to know about it in the future. I met him at Westerpark, and he taught me a precious lesson: Don't be afraid to reach people, speak out, and introduce yourself.  That is something I am learning each day. I consider myself a shy person who every day tries to get out of my comfort zone with the help of my camera as a shield.

Have a great Good Friday and enjoy the holidays! 🌸

Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer


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02 Abr 2021

5 tips for Cherry Blossom pictures in Amsterdam

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