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What to do with the oysters that you collect on Zeeland?

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I know this is not a cooking blog, but I couldn't resist sharing what we did with the oysters. As you already might know, you can eat oysters raw or cooked, and with some imagination and the things you have at home, it is possible to make delicious meals. We have prepared this so far, step-by-step, with the recipe first and lots of pictures, as this is a photography blog :).

Nikon D600, 28mm, natural light diffused. Window to the right.

RAW Oysters

While you are collecting oysters, you will want to eat some. in the middle of the picking or the picnic afterward. Eat it Raw, with lemon, or tabasco. You can also take black pepper, but we didn't, so no picture of it.

Oysters for breakfast

We did it! And I regret not having pictures with my camera, but here are some with my Huawei P30Lite.

For this, we used:

Flour - 1 egg with black pepper - bread crumbs. The amount you need depends a lot on the number of oysters you have. Keep in mind that they are going to pass in that order. Flour, egg, and then bread crumbs, then reserve until all are ready. Then fried them, they don't need much, only one minute per side and they are ready.

As we wanted an omelet, we added four eggs. We put the oysters on top and ready to eat.

Baking oysters

We love what is easy and fast to do, still opening the oysters takes time, but it is, in the end, the most challenging part of eating oysters at home.

For this, we used:

* 6 Oysters per person

* A sauce made with butter, three spring onions, black pepper, one lemon juice, and lemon zest. We melted the butter at bain-marie.

* More butter with bread crumbs. Put this on a pan and melt the butter. It only needs to look like wet bread crumbs, but not liquid.

A tip here: Usually, the more stable part of the oyster is not the pretty one. So we usually use the belly, which means you need to stabilize the oysters in the dish not to lose the juice. We use raw rice for this. Keep in mind the plate you use has to hold the rice, be horizontal, and to the exact size to use the same amount of rice.

Then, with the oyster open on the rack or dish, put on top first the sauce, then the bread crumbs with the butter. You can add black pepper or some decoration too. Then it goes to the preheated oven at 200ºC for 10 minutes and ready to enjoy.

Oyster Soup

I have a fascination for noodle soup. In fact, I could eat noodle soup every day but need to -at least try - to eat balanced. You mix everything you want to add, use a bouillon, and oysters need to be only 6 minutes boiling for a soup.

Oysters in noodles with cream cheese

This final one is not a recipe, and it's here to show you how imagination can make a spectacular day collecting oysters into infinitive alternatives for an entire week.

I hope you like this totally different post, and see you in a couple of days with more of The Netherlands.


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What to do with the oysters that you collect on Zeeland?

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