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Rembrandt & Contemporaries - Exhibition at The Hermitage, Amsterdam

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Your phone is the best tool to discover in depth the latest Rembrandt and the contemporaries' exhibition in the Hermitage in Amsterdam. As funny as it sounds, the collection has incorporated additional information to the one shown next to the paintings on QR codes. So, be ready to scan if you want to grab it all.

Minerva in Her Study - Rembrandt (The Leiden Collection)

This exhibition started on February 4th, and if you find yourself in Amsterdam is worth visiting. It will stay until August 27th, mainly showing art pieces from Dutch masters from Leiden, with Rembrandt as the centerpiece. If you have seen the Rijksmuseum, you will find paintings in this collection that have been inspired by some famous Rembrandt paintings, as one of the most used technics for learning was imitating the art from the master.

"You pupils must obey your master, and entrust your education to him. He who wishes to learn from his master's lips must follow him without question, until such time as he properly and correctly understands what has been taught" - Samuel van Hoogstraten, Rembrandt student, on Introduction to the High School of the Art of Painting, 1678.

The Conspiracy of the Batavians under Julius Civilis, Rembrandt van Rijn. We can see the complete composition of the sketch on the left and what is left of the final painting on the right. This one was commissioned for the City Hall in Dam Square but was rejected, then sold, and as you can see, cut on all the sides.

An audio tour with your entrance is offered. Still, the majority of the information is in Dutch. But, they also have incorporated music into the experience, which I wish there were a list available for download. They were beautifully paired with the paintings.

Hagar and the Angel. Carel Fabritius.

I ended up staying at the museum for 4 hours, only at the Rembrandt & Contemporaries exhibition, reading all the information about each of the paintings, listening to all the audio available, and enjoying how my mind triggered memories of similar paintings I have seen at the Rijksmuseum before. But, a regular visit could be around 1.5-2 hours, and you can also visit the other side of the museum that now hosts the Amsterdam Museum collection.

Man in Oriental Costume. Workshop of Rembrandt van Rijn (possibly Ferdinand Bol)

Before I forget, an important detail added to the Leiden Collection is a video from one of the workshops usually held in the Rembrandt House Museum, now closed until March 18th due to restoration. In this video, you can learn about the origin of the colors used in Rembrandt's time, the materials, and even see how the oil paint was made and finally storage.

Edna entrusting Tobias with Sarah. Arent de Gelder

The view of the exposition from the second floor.

The exposition will be at the Hermitage museum until August 27th. The entrance fee is €22.5 (exhibition alone), or the entire museum is €32.5. Free for Museumcart holders.

Until next time in Amsterdam,

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06 Fev 2023

Rembrandt & Contemporaries - Exhibition at The Hermitage, Amsterdam

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