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Straat Museum in Amsterdam - NDSM

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Hey there! A couple of days ago, I was about to start a photo session when a massive rain started. We needed to think of a plan B, postpone the day of the session, and find where to be for the next hour, and Straat Museum in Amsterdam was right across the street.

You see, the museum is such a cool spot to be around, but a little too dark to hold a photo session on an overcast day close to sunset, but still, a fantastic place to wander around waiting for the rain to finish.

The museum is like an open-air gallery, showcasing vibrant street art that adds a pop of creativity to the city. You can capture the essence of Amsterdam's urban culture through these amazing artworks. It's not your typical museum, more like a street-style adventure filled with colors and stories.

A regular one-hour visit costs a bit high (€18.5, December 2023). Of course, you can stay longer, but I find one hour enough to go around. If you use your time to make some pictures with fantastic backgrounds, add more time to your visit. It will bring some fantastic portraits for your memories. You can find your ticket to the museum here.

By the way, this is important for those frequent users of the Museumcard like me. They don't accept it at this Museum as they don't receive any subsidy, but they do accept iAmsterdam cards.

And here are some pictures of my favorite art pieces at the museum. Take your time and find your favorites. there are so many.

Looking for what to do while visiting Amsterdam? Check the What to do in Amsterdam? list here on my Blog, or ask me for some places you feel curious about so I can schedule them to visit soon.

See you in Amsterdam,

Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer

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Straat Museum in Amsterdam - NDSM

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