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Jordaan, Amsterdam

Family Session in Amsterdam winter

Amsterdam is a fantastic city every day, but it can be grey, rainy, and cold, making people hesitant to do photo sessions. But, is it that bad? 

In reality, you must embrace the weather and realize there is beauty in everything and everywhere. If we talk about Amsterdam in winter, there is some advice I can share with you:

* Dress in layers, and if you are courageous and can tolerate some cold during your pictures, take a jacket off for some of them. 

* Bring an umbrella. We don't know for sure, which are the moments the rain will be joining us. Typically, if it rains intensely, it will not last long, and the sun will join us for some minutes bringing amazing sunlight and colors to the mix.

* If you have an umbrella, we can always play with that umbrella.

* Of course, there will be moments the rain is too intense to continue. In a fierce rain case, we have two options. 

    *Pause the session and wait for the rain to pass

     *Go to a café, and do some inside pictures.

Going into a photoshoot in Amsterdam not only allows you to have amazing images during your time in this city but also helps you to organize your time and plan. This time we went on a 2-walking around and took pictures of Jordaan, Negen Straatjes, and Dam. 

This way of discovering Amsterdam, with your private photographer, allows you to save time walking in the most touristic areas but discover local places and hidden gems along the way. Last but not least, you will have incredible journalistic style images in every place we go and portraits for all your social media channels. 

Are you visiting Amsterdam soon? Please send me a DM to know more.

Next week more tips & photos.

Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer



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Family trip with photoshoot in Jordaan, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Family trip with photoshoot in Jordaan, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Family trip with photoshoot in Jordaan, Amsterdam, The Netherlands