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Creator's meetup - Networking in Amsterdam

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Monday evening was the third Creator’s Meetup, full of great information. I advocate for establishing goals around healthy routines and am super happy to listen to @adventureswithswati going deep into a subject content creators need. We entered a life of content creation because it fills our days with joy, but how can we not burn the passion in the long run? Then, the second talk by @im_aube took us on a rollercoaster of experiences. Personally, I wake up every morning with a very detailed movie as a dream and start from there to create my day. And yes, I suffer from idea overload (who doesn’t? 😅), and I fail to complete most of them because I do not physically store them. This talk was very insightful and inspiring.

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The event was filled with smiles, conversations, and connections with other creators, and a specific conversation stuck in my mind. This one was related to how talking to others that experience the same helps deeply to re-engage.

And I need to share about @scala.amsterdam, which has the most innovative idea for going out. They heard my inner self and targeted what I sought when going out. I used to be very fond of theatre and opera, but it was long hours in a place and then going late to dinner, which is not an option in Amsterdam, at least not for me anymore. Combining these two in the same place with short 20-minute presentations is making me add this activity to the must-go places in Amsterdam. This time, as the group was huge (almost 40 creators), we didn’t go downstairs to the scenarios, but I got to visit one of them during the Borrel time. We had instead an enjoyable stand-up comedy at the presentation area.

Another great meetup, thanks to @creatormeetup.nl, and until the next one.

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14 Nov 2023

Creator's meetup - Networking in Amsterdam

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