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Mini Sessions - Why and how?

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One of the most frequent questions I receive on the page is Why doing Mini Photo Sessions? And I may tell you because they are just amazing.

Who already booked you before, knows you and loves you, but having so many photographers around, why a new one knows for sure you are the one without knowing you better? Well, as photographers (or sellers) we found a way to give something of our work without doing it for free, because it's our work, right?

What is NOT a Mini Session?

A regular session with all your products at a discounted price. I advise you, this doesn't help you. Discounts must be equal to fewer products or less time. That's adding value to your work. 

So, What is a Mini Session?

I just can tell for my Mini Sessions and the concept I learned years ago. I have been doing them for 8 years already and they have meant the world to me. 

Three basic things to keep in mind:

1. Give a reason for you having a Mini Session: This can be a special occasion when people need pictures, like Mother's Day, Christmas or any other particular moment on everyone's lives. I added one extra motive that my clients know and it is, 2-3 weeks before I'm traveling my clients know I'm doing a Mini Session. Yes, I need money to travel, so I guess it is justified enough, right?

2. The time of your Mini Session must be less than a regular session. For instance, if you can do a regular session in 30 minutes, never offer a Mini Session of 30 minutes. Simple. because Mini means less :)

3. Time slots: Plan time slots according to your free time and your first client must have the option of your recommended time. Clients trust us, so think what time is the best for doing photographs in your city and book your first Mini Session client at that time. Then offer one slot before or one slot after to the next client and so on. This optimizes the time you are on location and also editing time as you will likely have the same light if you are outside. Less time=More Money

4. Location: Mini Sessions have restrictions, one of them is the location. Choose one that you have always wanted to photograph in and if you need permissions or pay fees just do it before the Mini Sessions, don't do videos complaining or fight against authorities (I have seen that so much that I needed to say it). Public spaces are that and you are charging to your clients, so you are working, not walking in the park. My recommendation goes for places photographers don't go, Avoid all photographer's places and look for uniqueness. By the way, going to an unused place it is also a lot safer.

5. Pricing: It is actually not a discounted price for a session, even that clients will see it like it. If you price your services correctly you will have pricing for your time, for rental of your equipment (yes, you rent your equipment to your "company" for a limited time), for the editing time of each picture and delivery of items. It is just less time, less use of equipment, fewer pictures delivered so it is less price. The rest of the pictures are priced correctly to equal your next session-level. If I have a minimum session of 30min with 15 images, I will make a Mini Session of 15min and 7 images.

6. Optimize your time and be better at your craft: I regularly have double final images than minutes of shooting, so with a Mini Session of 15 images I will have 30 pictures that equals 23 extras. I only give extras for free with the pre-selling of the Mini Sessions to my Private Group of Clients and their friends. Yes, they share it so their friends have this opportunity too.

7. Find a way to show your pictures before sending them any: I use Alboom Proof to send the images to my clients for choosing their 7 included in their package with a message that shows the price of the extras, the entire collection and the gift they will receive if they want the entire collection. With Alboom Proof you can prevent downloading, having the Low Res and you can even put a watermark automatically. No resizing needed, the program does it for you. Remember Less Time=More Money. 

Do you want more tips & tricks? Join me on my Next Business & Marketing online Seminar on November 28th, only in Spanish for now, but if you want the next date to be in English let me know in the comments.

You can ask for more information at info@joannapantigosofotografia.com.

Until next week :)

Joanna, your Amsterdam Photographer


04 Nov 2019

Mini Sessions - Why and how?

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