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Usage rights in Vacation Photography

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Hey there, Amsterdam lovers! Let's talk about something near and dear to my heart today. This weekend, I went to my neighbors' annual reunion, and when answering the typical question: "What do you do? I found astonished faces while saying proudly: vacation photography! 📷⁠

This picture was taken in Brussels for MGC. Content Creator Package. Business use.

Many of us have snapped photos during vacations; some even use their photography skills for business. As a vacation photographer, I document and capture the experiences and adventures of your journey in Amsterdam, even when the picture above was captured in Brussels during a Content Creation package that took me to Belgium. But I get there is a grey area on the usage of the pictures and what it means in the photography world.⁠

The picture was taken for Proefperu in NDSM Werf, Amsterdam. Content Creator package. Business use.

1️⃣ Personal Photography: ⁠

When we capture your memories on your Amsterdam vacation, Most of my clients come on personal vacations. They have personal usage rights and can post and print for personal use when they want to. All packages from Book Your Photographer in Amsterdam on my website are for personal use only, and that is imprinted on the metadata.⁠

Picture taken for Flytographer in Amsterdam. Personal use.⁠

2️⃣ Business Photography: ⁠

Now, imagine you're a travel blogger or tour operator in Amsterdam. Your photography takes a different turn! You need high-quality, professional shots of you in the iconic areas for your website or social media. Business photography serves a purpose: driving engagement. The Branding for Business packages offer business usage rights for social media intention and also for websites, with no advertising outside the online world.⁠

This picture was taken for Imajen Coaching in Amsterdam. Content Creator Package. Business use.

This picture was taken for PromPeru Benelux & Scandinavia during one event in Amsterdam. Content Creator Package. Business use.

3️⃣ Commercial Photography: ⁠

Taking it up a notch, let's say you're a local boutique selling famous Amsterdam tulips 🌷. The photography you need is personalized, showing you as the creator of your brand, and it is all about product shots and behind-the-scenes. The intention is to advertise in magazines, billboards, or other media besides the online world. We need to discuss and create a quote per project, understanding what you need.⁠

Imagen created for The Smile Gallery. Pro Collection. Business use.

There is a conversation to be done about usage rights that we, as photographers and UGC creators, are not doing! And it goes beyond enjoying the process and clicking! 😊✨⁠

What do you think about this? Do you want to know more about usage rights or pricing in photography?

I can't wait to read your feedback on this topic. Until next time in Amsterdam,

Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer

Making Amsterdam memories extra special for couples and families with your very own personal photographer.

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Usage rights in Vacation Photography

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