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Benefits to experience being a client

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Is there anything you are a bit insecure about? If you’re anything like me, something immediately came to mind! For me, it’s that I’m intensely shy. I have struggled to feel comfortable in social situations all my life, but am working every day to turn things around. ⁠

For the last few years, I have been growing a lot with my Facebook Live series answering Live photography questions and making tons of IG stories. But I recognize I have to appear more in here and maybe have more pictures of me in front of the camera. ⁠

There is so much involved in being in front of a camera, and as a photographer, I acknowledge we do not prefer to be in front, but behind a camera. That is the main reason why, since 2016, I have been scheduling yearly photo sessions in which I have to be the "model".⁠

But, what benefits can I share with you today about experiencing being on my client's shoes?⁠

1. Learn to trust my photographer. Every photographer has a different way to see things. Even a location that doesn't look pleasant to my eyes, can be an incredible background from my photographer's perspective.⁠

⁠2. Follow directions. I know as a photographer myself I can say I know how to pose, but photographers direct you in a way to have more natural and spontaneous results. ⁠

3. Being photogenic is a photographer's work. They choose the background, the action, the lens, and exposure to make you look amazing. I learned it is better to share with my photographer is there is something that concerns me first. So they can take care of my needs in-camera. ⁠

No matter if you are a photographer or other kind of service provider, keep in mind you need to experience being on your client's shoes. This will allow you to adapt and improve your service, evolving the experience into a client-based one.⁠

And now that we are already talking about client experience, which aspects do you believe a good service has?

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20 Jul 2020

Benefits to experience being a client

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