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Photo Session or Photo Walk? What does it mean?

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Amsterdam is the perfect setting for city lovers, and you can meet the best of it on foot while we take pictures. During a Photo Session or a Photo Walk, you will discover a different way to see the city and come back home with the most fantastic images.

But, what is the difference between a Photo Session and a Photo Walk? If in both we are walking around Amsterdam?

During a Photo Session, or may I say an Environmental Photo Session, I will guide you on posing and select the best locations while I'm doing your pictures. But, during a Photo Walk, I will help you improve your photography skills while we walk together around the city. In this case, I will not take photos, but I will help you make your photos with personal advice and tips along the way.

To make things easier, every Photo Session includes three stages of 25 minutes each. We can change location, what to dress, and even the session's mood, with the only limit the entire time from the first click to the last has to be within 90 minutes. The extra 15 minutes is for changing location, changing clothes, or makeup if needed. It will look like three different days in Amsterdam.

The idea behind a 90-minute session is that you choose the pace. We can explore with calm for having the most out of our time. Every session has a result of 30 final images, 10 per segment.

In the case of the Photo Walk, I will be guiding you with tips along the way: Composition, a technical guide, how to use your camera in manual mode, or how to take advantage of your phone for use in your next trip, and plenty of exercises to train your photography eye. You will end up with pictures ready to post and made on camera, and I will help you create a Reel, which is handy to do nowadays. The idea is to be hands-on and learn how to do everything, and take your own decisions when you are on your own. 

What we do on the route is custom-tailored to your necessities. Still, in this case, I can conduct a Photo Walk with a maximum of two persons sharing the same way (This can change according to The Netherlands' current safety restrictions). For an additional price, we can sit for an online call to review your material after this session or website and give you further tips & tricks that we didn't cover on the Photo Walk. This call is also a separate service I offer, and it is conducted only online through a 40-minute Zoom call. Ask for any of the services through the Contact form or my social media.

Do a Photo Session, and a Photo Walk cost the same?

No, and the reason is the time involved. While I'm taking pictures, I must consider the editing time, selecting, and delivering materials, including the user licenses. Also, the equipment I am taking with me, their security in case it's raining, and their use. But in a Photo Walk, I'm sharing my expertise to improve your photography skills. I will not take my equipment and will focus you need and take pictures with you. If you want me to carry equipment to try during your Photo Walk, this will apply the rental pricing.

Photo Sessions and Photo Walks are available from Monday to Friday from Sunrise to Sunset. After sunset or weekends, have an additional price of 15%.

Please check back using the contact form or social media for confirming dates and pricing. Write me anytime to have access to the complete Pricing page on my website.

Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer


(For now, only in English for a better understanding of all your wishes)

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12 Jan 2021

Photo Session or Photo Walk? What does it mean?

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