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Lima, Peru

Lisa & Travis in Lima for Flytographer

I met Lisa and Travis through Flytographer and they choose Barranco as the are for their 30 minutes photoshoot. Sometimes, people think 30 minutes is not enough for an entire photoshoot, so here is my advice for "How to decide how long must be the photoshoot you want"

1. Think about the time you are spending in the city. We need at least 30minutes to go to your meeting point and 30 more minutes to go back. Check your Google Map, depends on the city it can be a little longer. 

2. Every length of shooting comes with a predefined number of pictures included. For instance, 30minutes is 15 final and edited images. If you are looking for a bit of your holiday I must say, go for it. But also, 60minutes can give you more information about the city, and 15 more photos :)

3. Who are you doing the session with? Sometimes doing a photo session with kids can be challenging. I always recommend short sessions with babies and toddlers, and the 1-hour session with older kids. We can also work on more individual and small group photos with a little more time.

4. Talking about groups, if you are doing the session in a large group, consider having 60 minutes or 90 minutes session. This will allow us to go around all the families included and some individuals too with a lot more options for all.

5. 90 minutes or above gives you the opportunity for more than one location. This is also important if you don't have a lot of time in the city and choose wisely to have little information about the city along with your photo session. Remember, using your time wisely does a lot when you are traveling. 

6. Search the location you want before to have a knowledge of the distances. I have been required a lot to go to Machu Picchu when I was serving Lima and Cusco for Flytographer. Machu Picchu is about 2 hours far from Cusco using an expensive train, and a bus, and it means a lot of extra hours, that without mentioning the entrance ticket. Sometimes, keeping it simple makes it more memorable.

7. Ask your photographer or concierge for the best location in the city and follow their advice on the best time to do a photo session in that place. I know it is hard to get up early while in holidays, but touristic places can be really full and will not have the same feeling of "I own this place" when you are alone with your group in the final pictures. Trust me, I have been photographed with my partner in so many places and indeed, it is hard but totally worth it when you see the final images.

8. And last not but least. Have fun!!! and trust your photographer. We know how to make you look the best.

If you are a tourist and going to travel soon, don't forget that the best day for doing your photo session is at the beginning of your stay. You will receive a nice walking around the best areas, but also a lot of local advice to take advantage of the time you have. And of course, if you travel consider doing a Photoshoot with Flytographer. Let us Capture the Magic of Travel and with an amazing discount of USD 25 for reading this. Just use JOANNAP code at the Checkout.

And if you are visiting Lima I cannot recommend more VIPFLATMIRAFLORES, the best Airbnb in Lima, with a lot of options in Miraflores. Let them know you are coming from here and you will have a personal discount. They are running my apartment in Lima too now that I moved to Amsterdam and I know them personally for years.

Next week more tips & photos.

See you soon from the fairytale city of Amsterdam,

Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer