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We're Open! Photo sessions in Amsterdam (and de Randstad) & important rules

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We are finally open!

Who else out there is a master procrastinator? I’ll admit, I’ve been this way since birth, and it’s a quality I both love and hate.

Today, the must-do list includes telling you that we are open again. Yes! We are doing outdoor sessions and booking preparation online meetings for branding photography, family, and weddings in The Netherlands and Peru.

Yesterday, I have been asked 4 times on DMs if we are already doing sessions or bookings, and realized I have never written about it, or make a blog post specifically for it. But already hosting meetings for sessions in both countries. No, I'll not travel to Peru in 2020, but my fabulous team has you covered.

So, are sessions in The Netherlands happening?

Yes! only we are adding two important details to each one of them.

1. All preparation, brainstorming, and mood boards are done online. Yes, we meet first online, and we talk about your session and goals. I want to hear from you, so I can design the best experience possible. Wait, we have always done it this way, and that is why I always say taking your pictures is only 1 of a 4-step process. I can even do the brainstorming with you and not taking the pictures myself. Should I talk more about how I can help you with photography without actually photographing myself? 

2. If you go into the Third Step and we are doing your Pictures (Thanks!) there is a 10 min call before the scheduled time. We are going to respect the 1.5-meter rule, so I will tell you the guidelines on this call. Also, I'll tell you a little about light, vision, and posing. Everything I've been doing regularly during my first 10 minutes of the session will be, for now, online. Yes, you may be asked about your health conditions with the possibility of postponing without extra fees. 

So, putting checks on my to-do list for today. What is in yours today?

Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer


03 Jun 2020

We're Open! Photo sessions in Amsterdam (and de Randstad) & important rules

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