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Engagement Session - Tips & Tricks Part 4

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Welcome to a new week and Day 4 of Engagement Sessions. Last week we talked about why we select a time of the day, choose your ideal location, and some tips for deciding what you will dress.

Today, we will talk about purpose. We don't do a photo session for no reason. We do a photo session to have images for our brand, celebrate a moment in time or a great accomplishment in our lives. This purpose is the one that guides what we want and will have along with our session.

    Made with love for @Flytographer in Cusco, Peru.

Before we continue, I want to challenge you to think about what this moment in your life means to you. Yes, I can know reading this on your phone can be an everyday moment, but what led you to search for the words that brought you here. Why are you reading this? Now, let's go back to your Engagement Session. What being engaged means to you? What do you want to remember about this moment in your life?

I have photographed many couples, and I understand some believe there is no relevance in taking Engagement Photos besides putting them on social media. Also, I am not the one that will tell you these are the pictures that tell a story of your life together because they aren't. Engagement photos exist because there is a practical reason behind them:

1. It is the best way to know your photographer. How easy it was in the process, how well you could communicate your wishes and how the photographer translated them into images. Also, if the photographer guides you, and it was evident in every step of the process.

2. Believe it or not, the majority of photos from an Engagement Session will be the product of direction. I am actively guiding every couple to have a natural result and look as if it was spontaneous. 

3. As usual, we don't walk on the streets being romantic with each other 100% of the time. That is why I say an Engagement Session is no spontaneous at all. But you have a way of taking your hands,  hug, and a way to be together that is different from anyone else. I can give you a way to pose, but you will change it to the real you without realizing it, and this is what is essential for the wedding and help the photographers anticipate the actions when we can't direct any more.

4. Engagement Sessions portrait in a way it is impossible, or at least harder, to do on a wedding day. Fantastic backgrounds, areas that are not reachable due to the lack of time on wedding days. More options according to the different times of the day. Also, and this is the reason why After Wedding sessions exist. They are like Engagement Sessions, but with wedding attire.

5. You will have images to use for your social media, Save the Date, design your wedding invitations, add to your wedding seating chart, wall decoration for your house, design and Engagement Book, and so on.  The main idea is that the pictures trigger a memory, and from that image, you can tell a story to your loved ones.  

Here you can see a Wedding Invitation that consists of three parts. The picture printed from the Engagement Session is on a special paper giving it a great texture that matches the handwritten note with the wedding details. The envelope is of a grape color that matches the colors of the wedding decoration. For help with designing your wedding invitations or Save the Dates with your photos, including printing service, send us a message. 

So, when we talk about purpose, we think about what to do with your pictures. It is essential to think about this beforehand, and it changes the way you think about pictures. For instance, if you are looking to frame them as wall art, we will select the location, time of the day, lighting, and dress according to the space these frames will live. Probably the number of final pictures will be different too. The selection will be slightly different if your photographs will live in a book in your living room. All of this comes with conversation and knowing each other.

There is so much to talk about within Engagement Sessions. Tomorrow we will talk about adding your pets or more family members and their implications (pros and cons).

Have a great sunny day, Amsterdam!


Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer

Weddings - Family - Business Portraits

+31626567232 - info@joannapantigosofotografia.com 

For making an appointment to discuss more your Wedding or Engagement Session, send a message to Whatsapp or fill the Contact Form on the website.

12 Jan 2021

Engagement Session - Tips & Tricks Part 4

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