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Engagement Session - Tips & Tricks Part 5

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While walking yesterday with a friend and telling her about this Engagement Session series, she asked me: "What is an Engagement Session?" This made me take a couple of steps back and realizing Why I am advising if I am not explaining what it is in deep. So before jumping on, "Is it OK to include more family members on my Engagement Session? Let's start with my definition.

An Engagement Session is a couple's photo session set before or in conjunction with a wedding event. Why photographers separate this into a different session with a particular name? Usually, it has an extra element, an engagement ring, and a specific purpose, Save the Date. It is important to note that we are posing two persons together, showing who they are together, and making them interact with each other in a specific way.

Now, in a family session, the main subject is the kids. They smile, play, and kids are the boss. We follow what they love to do, and parents adore to see them in the final pictures, their beautiful reactions. I still do pictures of the parents alone because they probably don't do photographs often, but the main subject is the kids. Can you notice the difference?

"Can I take my kids or my pet to my engagement session?" Of course, you can. There is no reason to exclude a significant part of your life, but they are not the main subject, and they will only appear in some of the pictures unless you state the opposite.

But, "does it matter? because it's the same time, right?" I try to keep family sessions shorter for the kids, but it is not about time. It is about focus. In general, people get distracted easily now than ever, which is why photographers advise couples to look only to the main photographer -not even the second - while doing formal portraits at a wedding, as nowadays there is more than one camera around.

If you bring your kids or your pet to the session, it is OK, but let your photographer know beforehand when you hired an Engagement Session. Also, get a responsible person to take care of them after they do their pictures, as we will be distracted doing photos. Tell your photographer in advance the percentage of final images you want with them, so the photographer divides the time accordingly.

Finally, share your wishes with your photographer. They will know which is the best type of session and time you need to reach them, and if you have more questions about this, I'm always here to help.

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12 Jan 2021

Engagement Session - Tips & Tricks Part 5

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