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Engagement Session - Do I really need one?

Some days ago I was talking to a bride about engagement sessions and if it's really important to do them. She told me "I know you and I chose you because of that, but is it important to do an engagement session if I already know the style and the photographer?"⁠

1. Santa María, Peru. 2. Santos Dummont, Brazil. 3. Canta, Peru

My first reaction was, of course, it's important, but it is not an obligation to do it.⁠

Engagement sessions have indeed several reasons to exist which are:⁠

* You will live the experience of being photographed and have a final product from your photographer. This is kind of a sample of a product, if you love it you will love even more your photographer on the day of the wedding.⁠

* A few people like to be photographed, the majority of us are not used to it and above all, don't normally show affection in public. This is something to be addressed by your photographer. As the minutes go you will feel more relaxed and that is why on the day of the wedding you don't even notice the photographer's presence. That's when the documentary takes over.⁠

* You will have fun with your partner and have at the same time amazing pictures for announcing your wedding and showcasing later on your house. Engagement pictures tend to be the most printed for housing decoration.⁠

* You will know how your photographer directs and, at the same time, he or she will know how you two hold hands, walk, and react to each other which helps a lot anticipating emotions on the day of the wedding.⁠

* Sometimes wedding planning can be exhausting and complicating having also jobs and life, so having a moment just to relax and have a "special date" it's a nice thing to do.⁠

Of course, none of this is saying doing an engagement session is mandatory and if you don't want to do it or just don't feel like it my recommendation #1 for you is to have a meal with your photographer. Yes, meeting over coffee, lunch or dinner a couple of days before the wedding does the trick or even a video call :)⁠

⁠1. Canta, Peru. 2. Santorini, Greece. 3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands (taken for Flytographer) 4. Tiradentes, Brazil.

Do you think engagement sessions are important? Have you done yours if you are already married?⁠

Photos taken for Flytographer in Cusco, Peru.

Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer