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Engagement Session - Tips & Tricks - Part 1

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Engagement Sessions are great for having professional photographs to showcase your relationship before the day of the wedding.

But what do you need to know? I have selected this picture to explain something exciting.

First, let's start with the time of the day.

This will vary from photographer to photographer. In my case, Engagement sessions usually last 1.5 hours, and I tend to schedule them on weekdays for having emptier streets and 2 hours before sunset to have the perfect lighting. Sometimes, the area we are visiting is really crowded, which forces us to schedule sessions as early as possible.

Early means one hour after sunrise, like in this case.

Another factor to think about is the colors we are going to use. As you see in the picture, the predominant color of the location is yellow, which is a primary color. The use of more primary colors in the clothing enhances the couple by providing contrast. We need to be aware of this because the colors will affect the image. That is why I always ask the couples to send me a photo of the selected outfits beforehand. This is also a way to guide them as it is the first professional session for most couples.

Finally, the colors around the couple will impact the final picture. In this particular case, as it is a neutral color, it bounces the light without affecting the skin color.

Selecting mood, location, and what to dress are three important stages for organizing your session, and everything works to make it memorable. But it doesn't finish here. There is an important element called Direction that we are going to talk about further in the next post. Images were taken with love for Flytographer in Lima, Peru.

Have a great day!

Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer

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Images were taken with love for Flytographer in Lima, Peru.

06 Jan 2021

Engagement Session - Tips & Tricks - Part 1

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