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Food photos and the dilemma of being niched on social media

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Niche or no niche? There is a new dilemma my dears. As a photographer, I keep battling with what to post on social media. As you know I'm known as a Wedding Photographer, but is it all that I want to do? I love photography and sometimes I want to go outside of my comfort zone and feeling comfortable in other areas too. You have seen me while photographing Amsterdam in February, and I was an Airbnb photographer for a while, doing photography of their rentals. Did you know that? 

These pictures were commissioned by Zoe & Joe, a café in Lima city. They knew me because of my pictures of a wedding where they did the wedding cake and call me when they opened their new venture. Fun, right? 

The session was made in the café, during the first two hours of opening and we covered ten dishes of their breakfast and snack menu using artificial lights simulating natural light. This is the best way to have a fast workflow and consistent lighting throughout the entire session, as the first minutes are for achieving the light we want, then we only place the dishes and move the accessories quickly to give a different look to each picture. Great for blogging and social media :) 

This was the last picture we did, and we played a little with the colors and Depth of field.

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09 Mar 2021

Food photos and the dilemma of being niched on social media

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