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Business documentaries - Thinking on Social Media

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Businesses require more social media presence each day, and sometimes scheduling time off work to making pictures is not possible.

Today, let me show you How and Why we decided to do the images for Finedat Scouts, while having real training, with real students, on their own working time.

First, doing documentaries versus posed images has an advantage. You don't need to schedule extra time. Also, we create on the go, but not because of that we lack a plan. In fact, planning is the first step of the process. Let me show you an example:

What does Finedat do?

They train young professionals that want a career in finance. Then: training, young, and professionals are words to have in mind. If you train young people, classes should be interactive, dynamic, and entertaining.

So, we need to incorporate these important words for their audience into the images. This is why we set the day of the session on real training. Nothing posed. We made a documentary while real activities were happening. We also set the time between two speakers, so we had different things and actions happening.

A meeting, for this reason, is important to set goals, timing, and cover expectations.

As you might already know, a "Documentary at work" cannot cover it all. This is the reason why multiple days or periodic sessions might be needed. Everything depends on your goals, but also think about how many pictures do you want as a result of your session? And where are you going to use the pictures in?

The majority of my clients think about the diversity of moments instead of the number of images. In the case of Finedat, for example, we set the goal of 15 final images per day of work. Each day had 90 minutes, and I was a fly on the wall. Not directing, not posing, only documenting the actions of the day.

Hope you like this different way to approach images for your business, and find it useful for your social media presence. Nowadays, we need to communicate more, to show more what we do, why we do it, and our backstage is also important. People want to see the process and want to know the reality behind the business. This is how photography can connect the dots.

Until the next blog post,

Joanna in Amsterdam

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29 Mar 2022

Business documentaries - Thinking on Social Media

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