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Amsterdam - Where to pop up the question? - Part 1

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I will start a new series about Amsterdam. And you already know I have lots of things to talk about this incredible city.

Some time ago I was also a tourist, which make my curiosity grow and started to walk a lot around every time I traveled here. As I moved 8 months ag,o I decided not only to buy books with Amsterdam history, but also interesting walking routes, and bike one of course.

With these in hand, and taking advantage of less crowded days I will introduce you to weekly Blog Post portraying Amsterdam every Monday. Today, I will use some pictures I have taken for a proposal that unfortunately was canceled due to the "Big World Pause". I hope this will help you if you want to pop up the question while you are visiting Amsterdam, any time soon. 

Just remember, there are some extra things to consider and that's where I enter into the equation (not a math class of course). Everything to make it as natural and smoothly as possible. You've got this!

OK, let's start. You are looking for a natural area, inside the city that doesn't portray the typical Dutch scenery: Here it is Café Vertigo at Vondelpark:

Here you have 2 options available. One is having the Café as a background that is nice, but it definitely will be packed. The other is having the Café just as a reference. You tell your girlfriend to go for this well-looking café al Vondelpark as an excuse. Look what you will have just in front of you.

It is normally full of bikes & tourists on the pavement, but do you see the area before the lake? Yes, that is the perfect place :)

Are you proposing in Amsterdam or The Netherlands? I can help you! Send me a WhatsApp to plan the perfect proposal for you.

Ask me anything in the comments below,

Joanna, your Amsterdam photographer


16 Jun 2020

Amsterdam - Where to pop up the question? - Part 1

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