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JoaTalks - Why we do things?

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On Sunday, I watched Smallfoot. This is a 2018 movie that I recently knew about. What amazed me, it says so much about current events, and it is relatable. Even though we are three years ahead, I felt like the message was for today. Among the multiple messages you can benefit from watching this movie, I want to discuss:⁠

Why we do the things we do? Why we share the way we share? Have you thought about this? ⁠

One of the movie's characters was feeling the pressure of social media, being forced to post about certain things, and lost focus on what made him start in the first place. And that the WOW factor was the most important, not the story behind it.⁠

This is why I stepped back and start wondering why. Once upon a time, I had a Panasonic, semiautomatic, fixed Leica lens that went with me all over South America on a backpacking trip. I photographed to register my journeys, the things around me, and waited for moments, and I learned about silence. ⁠I guess this is why I love walking in Amsterdam now. It gives me the freedom - while in lockdown - to explore and learn.

I learned a camera allows me to enter people's lives, tell stories behind those photos, and keep secrets. It also helped me approach without interrupting. Always repeating on my mind, don't make noise, to the point I learn to approach birds without them fly away. ⁠

At which moment we stopped telling the stories behind the pictures? What "is" telling a story through a photograph?⁠

I heard a writer doesn't need to describe everything about a character unless it details the personality, or it is an essential detail for the story the writer is telling. What should we include in a photograph? And what should we have in a caption?⁠

I know long and in-depth captions like this will not pass the algorithm, also post without hashtags, but are we doing things only to follow the algorithm?⁠

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09 Mar 2021

JoaTalks - Why we do things?

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