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[About Me] This is part of my love story

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Who’s had a profound impact on your life and how did you meet? In my life,  I’m lucky enough to have met my boyfriend and I couldn’t have hit a bigger jackpot! We were talking yesterday about how we spend the entire days talking about different subjects, and how it is too easy to complement each other's ideas. But don't get me wrong, we have also some fights, mostly because we misunderstand each other's expressions.

Yes, I'm from Peru and he's from The Netherlands, and how we met is actually a really fun and weird story. We both swipe right not because we wanted to actually meet someone, but wanted to talk to someone (weird, right?). It was 2 am in the morning, I was already in bed and woke up, he was with jet lag and going out of Lima only 3 hours after that.

We didn't meet on that trip, we only talked for less than 30 minutes, but we changed Whatsapp, and we had amazing online conversations since then. After 3 months, he came back all the way back to Peru only to meet me. Isn't that romantic?

4 years later and we both are living together in Amsterdam. He has turned also in my best business partner and the most direct person I know for giving me honest feedback. This picture was for our first long trip to Europe back in 2016. When traveling we always contact a local photographer to make the most of our memories and these pictures have become a great treasure to us. We even have this picture on our wall!

I want to start June sending some love and what can be more romantic than a good love story? How did you meet your partner in crime?

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01 Jun 2020

[About Me] This is part of my love story

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