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Family and Birthday Fun Portraits

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One of the things I miss the most is the parties and celebrations. I have always enjoyed them and my favorite part is to photograph them. So when my boyfriend's nephews were celebrating their 5-year-old birthday I couldn't help myself to do something.

Every time they come home I took my camera to document their day with us. It is have been a tradition for as far as I remember and it was my way to interact more with them as I still can't talk fluent Dutch and they of course don't know English or Spanish.

This time I took an old photo to turn it into a Birthday Fun Portrait.

Hopefully, you like the result and if your kid celebrated his/her birthday in confinement let me know and we can make something fun for them too.

Love. Joanna 📷 

Wedding & Family Photographer


25 Mai 2020

Family and Birthday Fun Portraits

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