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Messenger Rooms and why I love them for my client meetings (and all the others too)

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After being launched on April 24th, I was excited to try them to write about my Top 5 reasons why I recommend its use for your one-to-one meetings. Also, some of my cons at the end.

1. They are easy to create. You must go into Messenger, click in People, and you will see it at the top of your list. Doing this will allow you to have an open room immediately. After its creation, you will see a Share Link button. You can send your link to all platforms.

2. You can choose the level of privacy from only the people you send the link, specific people you choose in advance, or post it on your wall choosing your desired privacy level.

3. It is possible to schedule Facebook Room, allowing your guests to set a reminder for the call. Facebook will send a notification to all the accounts that set this reminder making it easy not to lose the meeting.

4. After trying several platforms and multiples meetings, I must say the connection is better inside Facebook than on other platforms. Meetings go smoothly and with little interruption.

5. You can have meetings for an indefinite time. Not that I have tried longer than 90 minutes though.

And my cons:

1. It is not possible to turn off the guests' microphones if doing a webinar, per example.

2. Sometimes noise affects communication, making it hard to hear.

3. Guests can be distracted with the filter and games that are fun for informal meetings but can affect a multi-person meeting.

I recommend this app for meetings of no more than 3 persons. It is ideal for client meetings and I am sure to use it even more in the future. Have you tried it already?

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18 Mai 2020

Messenger Rooms and why I love them for my client meetings (and all the others too)

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